Kawa H Pour
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Known for his artistic expression that is soft yet rough, cultural and political. as an international stylist and creative director, Kawa does not only put together pieces to create a certain style but shapes trends for us to take inspiration from. He reflects a vision of an unconventional inspiration process, making us sense his trend-knowledge in each work.

He pushes the boundaries tastefully around his style techniques and shapes extravagant lines using contemporary but classic moods to break the stale atmosphere around fashion and photography. Throughout his professional career, Kawa H Pour has worked with many leading global brands including Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and many more.

Art Factory Studio was founded to bring innovation to the fashion industry in the Middle Eastern and build up a solid and sustainable creative community by incubating local creatives at the same time supplying the clients with global high-quality work.